Macro Project 1st phase - announcement of results

On May 10, the Selection Committees of the macro project call decided which applications are qualified for the second phase. In the two thematic areas separate 3-member committees made their decision based on the evaluators' opinion.

Submission of the Internship applications is closed

On May 6 the online proposal system was closed at 6 pm as announced. Until this date we registered 15 finalized applications.

Program managers of the operator foundation, the Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights were on duty until the last moment of the submission deadline, helping the applicants with any technical or other problems. The Operator foundations will decide until May 14 about the post-reception (or non reception) of applications that were not finalized until the deadline due to justifiable technical problems, given the applicant indicated it beforehand.

Submission of the micro projects is closed

On April 29 the online proposal system was closed at 6 pm as announced. Until this date 1029 finalized applications were submitted divided between the seven thematic areas as follows:

Scholarship programs - deadline postponed

The deadline of scholarship applications is porolonged by 3 weeks based on the feedbacks and inquiries taking into account the time needed to consult with the potential host organizations.

The first round of macro projects is closed

The on-line application system for 1st phase macro project applications was closed on the deadline,18.00 on the 29th of March. Until this date the system received 310 finalized applications divided between the 2 thematic areas as follows: 

I. thematic area (advocacy and watchdog): 105 pcs

II. thematic area (organization and community development): 205 pcs

Combating hate speech online – Campaign launch 22 March

The EEA and Norway Grants have entered into a strategic partnership with the Council of Europe to promote tolerance and fundamental rights. Activities countering hatred are encouraged through the EEA NGO programmes.

About the fund

On 12th February 2013 the second NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants in Hungary was officially launched at a grand opening event.  This year, in the first round the calls will support micro and macro projects in various thematic areas as well as internships in the Donor States.