Video competition results

NGOs could enter the contest in spring by submitting short, maximum 5-mins long videos produced within the framework and presenting the achievements of their projects supported by the Programme. Out of the 41 entries, a jury selected 12 films during the sumer which could participate in an online popular voting organized at the Programme's blog. Based on several thousand votes cast until the deadline of the 20th October, the final result was:

4th place: Speak Out! Association: Prison Radio
3rd place: 'Magosfa' Foundation: Tinies and Grannies
Shared 1st place: Zachor Foundation: Walks and 'Gödölye' Social Cooperative: Maria Garden

The awarded organizations will receive development and training services in the value of 200, 300 and 500-500 thousand HUF, respectively.
All 12 ashortlisted videos can be watched on the page (with English subtitles).