Where is the mayor’s lost son?

Participants of “The Zone” investigative sensitization game have looking for the mayor’s missing son in an imaginary city’s ghetto. During the game taking place at several locations they met the inhabitants of the segregated city – blind, Roma, homosexual and homeless people – and sought information and leads from them. By the end of the game the group members revealed dark secrets and the question was what they do with all this.

During the two days, more than 200 people – including several student groups and people from abroad – took part in the nearly three-hour long game. As a result of the playful tools and the detective work in small groups participants got closer to each other, to the social issues and to the members of the diverse groups, having faced their own preconceptions, too.

“I liked that we had to put together a story and this way I could feel myself a detective who solves the puzzle and realizes more and more things. The best in the game is that it approaches certain groups in a way that one doesn’t even realize that the real point of the game is this, and not the investigation. I only realized it at the end and that’s the main reason I liked it.” – shared his experiences a participant after the game.

The game was developed in cooperation with the following Hungarian NGOs, beneficiaries of the EEA NGO Programme:

  • Bagázs Association
  • Detectivity
  • Hungarian Juggling Association
  • Homosexuality and Learning Program
  • Shelter Foundation
  • Association of Blind and Visually Impaired People in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County
  • SpecStreet Association

and the of the operators of the EEA NGO Programme in Hungary.